Titan Slim Natural – Did This Capsule Work For Me? Read My Story!

Hello and welcome! I’m Devika from Bengaluru, Karnataka. Like everyone else I also received one of those notification ads on my phone for Titan Slim Capsule. It looked like a good product because I was also overweight and wanted to lose weight naturally.

I searched online to get more detailed reports, reviews and information about this product. I found various review pages, but I was looking for someone who has shared his/her personal experience of using Titan Slim for weight loss. However I couldn’t find any blog or page like that.

Given I had already ordered and started using Titan Slim, I thought why not create a blog where I can share daily updates so that it will help everyone who is interested in trying it as well. So this is how the story begins!

I ordered the product online from their official website 2 months ago and as i’m writing this report, today i have completed the full 2 month course of Titan Slim capsules. So, what’s my view on it? Did it work for me? How were the results? Well, hold on, I will answer every question with my personal experience and I’m sure you all will relate.

Yes it worked for me!!! from 75 Kilos to 57 kilos!

Reasons why i wanted to try Titan Slim

The reason why I wanted to give this product a try was my out of shape body. I was almost 75 kilos at that time. It not only affected my social life but it started to make me feel depressed all the time. No matter how hard I tried to lose weight, I couldn’t do it. All I could lose was a little weight and after a while I was back to being overweight.

?? I was just so fat! It was embarrassing and depressing.

Even my friends at the office started making fun of my weight and it was just getting out of hand. It was a problem for which I had to find a solution as soon as possible. For that i went to a dietitian and nutritionist to be on a strict diet and it carried on with it for nearly a month. However, nothing really worked. Depression was quickly turning into anxiety because I stopped going out with friends fearing they would make fun of me.

My colleagues at office made fun of me! ??

So what did I do about it?

That was the moment when life started to take a positive movement. I received this notification ad on my phone from titan slim company just like you all might have received. This was for the Titan Slim Natural capsules that help you lose weight without diet and exercise. In the beginning I was doubtful and thought, is that even possible? Sounded too good to be true.


So I went through their product page and the way it was explained, it looked genuine and promising. It made me interested because the product formula is made with 100% natural ayurveda ingredients. Their promise that there are no chemicals used and it is safe to lose weight naturally convinced me to give it a try. I was satisfied that there won’t be side effects at least.

Garcinia Cambogia In Titan Slim


Factors that convinced me to give Titan Slim a try

During my research before ordering it, I saw a lot of people rating it highly on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and other websites. I also saw some celebrities in the ads which convinced me to think that it must be a decent product that i can try. I read a lot of reviews on weight loss forums about the product and the majority of the users posted positive feedback. For some it produced results faster and for some it took time which is understandable as it depends on body type, overall weight, age and other factors.

i noticed good feedback on instagram for it ?❤️

After 1-2 days of online research, I finally decided to order it online and placed my order on the company’s official website. Guys, please make sure to order from Titan Slim’s official website only to avoid fake products.

Soon after placing my order, a customer care executive called me to confirm my order. He explained to me the formulation of the product, how it works, the ingredients used in it and what kind of results I should expect.

I really liked the way their customer care because they were helpful and cleared all my doubts and queries regarding the product. I like their patience and transparency a lot. I don’t know about others but how a company’s customer care behaves with you tells a lot about the brand. That is why I believe we should always purchase such products from trusted brands that give importance to customer experience. 

After the confirmation call they took 5-6 days for delivery which is a bit longer compared to how many days it takes when I order from Amazon or flipkart. Generally in Bengaluru i get delivery in 2-3 days. So  I called their customer care and they told me that due to discount offer sales and increase in orders, they are taking more time in processing the new orders. So that was understandable I guess.

This is my delivered Titan Slim parcel:


It was securely packed so that was impressive. Inside the box there was a bottle of Titan Slim and a user guide along with it that tells you how to take it for best results. Basically you have to take 2 capsules everyday after meals.

So the journey began with me taking 2 capsules of Titan Slm everyday after lunch and dinner. I continued it for 9-10 days. Initially I did not see any noticeable difference but it was the 18th day I started seeing results. I usually lose face fat first and then my overall body starts losing fat.

I weighed myself on the weighing machine and I was shocked to see I had lost 5 kilos in those 18 days. I also saw a major shift in my appetite as I felt less hungry and consumed a lesser number of calories because of that. My belly fat was also reduced and it had to be Titan Slim because I was not dieting or exercising at that time.

I was happy with the results but wanted to see if i can lose more so i continued taking it and completed the whole 2 month course. So what happened after that? Well this is what happened:

2 months later:

Now after taking Titan Slim for nearly 2 months every single day, I have lost 24 kilos and my weight has come down from 75 kilos to 57 kilos.

I was finally losing weight ?❤️?


Not just the reduction in weight that made me happy, I now feel more energetic, my stamina has increased and I don’t feel depressed anymore as well. so, yes Titan Slim definitely works if you want to lose weight naturally without diet or exercise.

Are there any side effects of Titan Slim?

That is the most common question I get a lot from my blog readers: are there any side effects of Titan Slim? Well, I personally have not seen any and it has been over 2 months since i started using it. In the beginning I noticed my appetite reduced a bit but then it was due to Titan Slm’s garcinia cambogia ingredient that helps you reduce hunger. So you eat less to lose weight.

So what are the side effects I experienced while using titan slim capsules? Well, it has been over 2 months and not a single side effect i have noticed thus far. At the beginning I was thinking about it just like you all, but as days went past all my doubts were cleared. Reason why there is zero chance of side effects is because the formula is based on herbal ayurvedic herbs. Since there is no chemical usage in the product, you don’t have to worry about side effects. So, yes it is very much safe to use.

What do I like about Titan Slim the most?

I like everything about the product but the most impressive part is the 100% herbal formula based on ayurveda herbs. It contains some really good ingredients such as garcinia Cambogia, Kokam Extract, Shuddha Guggul Powder, Musta Extract, Chitrak Extract, Shilajit Extract, Apamarga Extract, Vavding Powder, etc. They all are known for their benefits for natural weight loss. For example Garcinia Cambogia helps you burn fat faster and Musta Extract helps you to reduce appetite so that you eat less calories.

How Much Is 1 Bottle of Titan Slim? Is there any discount offer available?

The MRP mentioned on my Titan Slim bottle is Rs. 2499 but i got it for only. Rs. 1499 because i remember they were running a discount offer sale at that time when i ordered. Last week I checked the price was updated back to Rs. 2499. So it is better to buy it during the sale period. As i’m writing this post right now i checked and the sale offer of Rs. 1499 is active. So, if you want to order, this is the best time.

Special Limited Time Offer at Rs. 1499/-


How to order Titan Slim online?

It is always recommended to order products from the company’s official website only and the same goes with Titan Slim as well. You can visit the official website here. It is important because the market is filled with duplicate and fake products. They sell it with the Titan Slim brand name but they are not original. So to make sure you get the genuine bottle please ensure you place the order at the official website only.

Placing your Titan Slm order online is very easy. Just go to the official website here and you can see the order now button. When you click on it, it will load the order form in which you can enter your details such as name, address, mobile number and pin code and submit.

Soon after the order process, the company’s customer care will call you to confirm the order. During the call they will provide you with all the details about Titan Slim. You can ask them questions or for more information about the product if you’d like to.

How much would I rate it?

It simply worked for me and helped me lose 24 kilos! So I must rate it 5 stars right? Well, I will still rate it 4.5 stars because the delivery was late and they should work on it. Even though the product is amazing and I delivered the results I wanted, there is always room for improvement.

The other thing is discount offer availability. They should run the special offer sales more often so that more people can benefit and those who want to re-order it can get the benefit as well.

The Good Points

  • I tried dieting, exercises, yoga etc but nothing worked, in the Titan Slim worked!
  • I like the fact that it is 100% herbal ayurveda because of the ingredients used in it
  • It helped me lose 24 kilos and i’m still taking it without any side effects
  • Customer care was very helpful as they answered all my concerns

The Negative Points

  • I think price could be lower because not everyone can afford, but then dietitian and gyms are also expensive these days
  • Delivery could be a lot faster
  • I wanted to order my second bottle but the discount offer did not work this time. It could be because I was late and their sale ended.

My Final Verdict on Titan Slim

Titan Slim changed my life as simple as that! I’m really happy with the result and continue to use it to keep my weight under control. For some people it may not work or may take longer to get results, but trust me guys this thing works and i love it! It’s totally worth the wait, but continue using it for at least a month. I highly recommend it because it works and there is no risk in trying.

The reason why it is a win-win product for everyone is because the company offers a 7 days money back offer if you think it did not work for you. Also, you don’t have to pay online because you can choose cash on delivery. There is no risk involved at all. So I would definitely suggest you try it once. All the best and please comment below to share your experience.

33 thoughts on “Titan Slim Natural – Did This Capsule Work For Me? Read My Story!”

  1. Hi, Devika! Yes, i have also used Titan Slim and it worked like for me too! This product is unlike anything I have ever used before. I have spent a lot of money on weight loss help products that just don’t do not work. But Titan Slim is a perfect combination of Ayurveda ingredients that actually help you lose weight. The main ingredient is Garcinia Cambogia which is the reason why it works. I will tell you why you should try this!

    I’m 39 years old and I don’t have the best metabolism. With that being said, it’s very hard for me to lose weight. No matter how much I exercise or how much healthier I eat, it seems like nothing was working.

    I had heard of Garcinia Cambogia used in titan slim in the past. I actually heard that many film celebrities use it, which made me interested in trying Titan Slim. So i ordered it and have been using it since last 3 months. Results are good as i have lost 18 kilos of weight.

    • Hi Rashmi! I’m so happy it worked for you. Please keep commenting more to share you experience. Also if you want to order more, You can order it from official website here. at a discounted price. All the best!

  2. I’m Narsimha from Andhra Pradesh. It’s a super product for sure! In the beginning i thought it was one of those over hyped-up weight loss products and i had no interest in it. Well, fast forward 2 months later my wife started using it just to see if it works and we were shocked to see her lose weight week after week. That convinced me try it as well and now im also using it. It has been 1 month now and i have lost nearly 12 kilos weight.

    • How to use it? i want to take it with water after dinner? please let me know.

      • Yes you can take it with water after meals. 2 capsules everyday.

  3. I’m 54 years old. Will this work for me? I want to lose weight because i have diabetes and doctor told me to lose weight to avoid insulin. Please help me.

    • Yes it works for all age groups. You can also consult your doctor to check more on it but i think it will not cause any problem because it is completely natural ayurveda product which makes it safe to use.

  4. I want to order in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Can they deliver it here? Do they take cash on delivery? Please let me know sir.

  5. I saw the ad on Instagram and after reading positive reviews on Titan Slim, I decided to try it because they offered moneyback option. I am SO HAPPY i tried it!. This product works so well. It 100% suppresses the appetite so that you eat less. It also helps curb cravings for unhealthy food like chips, chocolate and sugary foods. It has been 45 days today since i started using titan slim and i have already lost 8 kilos. Totally love this product. I’ll post an update here again after 2 months.

  6. I think it takes time but works! i dont feel as hungry if i it before lunch. It has removed my stomach fat. i believe it helps my metabolism, as i eat less and feel better than before. i only take 2 capsules a day. Let’s see how it goes. It has been only 15 days.

  7. At the start it took time to show result and i thought it doesnt work. But you have to take it everyday for at least 20-25 days to make it work for you.

    Everyone’s body is different. What works for one doesnt work for the other but for me it worked. It helped me stop my cravings to eat junk food which is important for maintaining weight. Overall a good product i would say.

    • Yes in the beginning it takes time due to various factors such as fat percentage, your age, genetics, etc. But once it starts working you lose weight faster!

    • I I trust you and like this product I’m very very fatty person almost 80 or 85 just know my weight I think I need to do the product your lifestyle and your story and see so I’m just the product and you I’m use that now I get order it thank you for your comments and stories

  8. I think it works! I ordered it last month and started using from day 1. After 35 days it has definitely reduced my stomach fat. I believe it helps my metabolism because i dont feel hungry as i used to feel before. I only take 2 capsules a day.

  9. My Gym trainer suggested me to try Titan Slim. The capsules definitely suppress my appetite and helps me burn more calories. I now weigh 75 kilos and 2 months ago i was 89 kilos. I Love this!

    • So happy it worked for you. Please comment more to share your experience.

  10. I have diabetes and high blood pressure. Will it be good for me to use? I want to lose weight naturally. Please help.

    • I think you can take it with diabetes because it’s a natural ayurveda supplement. But still check with your doctor also to be sure about it. But i dont think there should be a problem. It’s a safe product.

  11. Is cash on delivery available? I want to order now.

  12. Lost 12 kilos in last 3 weeks without specific diet and exercise. All thanks to Titan Slim. It makes me feel less hungry and the energy level is increased as well. I will be ordering more as soon as my 2 bottles are finished.

    • That great! Please post more updates here in comments if you see more results.

  13. Is it available in Kerala? How many days for delivery?

    • Yes this is available all over India. You can order it from official website here.. I think in Kerala delivery time is 3-4 days. You can ask more to their customer care.

  14. I want to order, please call me. Also, is there any discount offer?

  15. I can’t say for sure that it has helped me lose weight because it has been only 10 days since i started using Titan Slim. But I can say since I started taking it, my appetite has reduced as well, which means im eating less. It doesn’t have a strong, bad smell like other products I’ve tried. And the size of the capsule is small enough that I don’t have a problem swallowing it. Again, not sure on the effectiveness, but we’ll see, I guess! I’ll post my update here.

    • It definitely helps you supress appetite which means you eat less and burn more fat. I have personally experienced it.

  16. How to use this product? Can i take it with water after lunch or dinner? Please let me know. I want to order this.

    • Yes take one capsule after lunch or dinner. You can take 2 everyday for faster result.

  17. I love this. Super product. My stomach fat is reducing fast. Go for it if you want to lose weight fast.

    • Yes it works great! Majority of people on my blog say it works for them. But for some people it takes time. That is because of age, different bodies and fat level.


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